Improved Valve Index support...

The biggest update is accurately detecting an "index" or "knuckles" controller whether it is on a Vive or an Index. This way I can adjust the angle of the saber so it lines up with the weirdly lined up Index controller...

Other minor updates described in detail:

- taking more motion samples from the controller while computing the velocity and angular velocity for the toss mechanic so it is slightly more accurate than before

- fixed a long-standing out-of-bounds error that I was handling in a clunky way that might have resulted in an object that won't cut until you cut something else

- better heating of the groundplane when raycasting through other objects (i.e. when the saber stabs through an object it can burn the floor)

- line burns on the groundplane look a lot better and the math involved makes more sense, which probably means it's also faster ;)

- tweaked the hot groundplane color cooling and timing involved with the color gradient

- more correct implementation of the job system on the dynamic groundplane texture map which probably means it's faster and uses less memory but most importantly, that it definitely doesn't have a memory leak

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Aug 18, 2019

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