LIV is back and 64Bit

version 0.0.21 is now compiled for 64Bit to support the LIV sdk. If anyone still requires a 32-Bit version please let me know and I'll post both with every update.  I'm avoiding that now because i think it would be confusing to have 2 versions. I think it's probably already confusing the way that I've been keeping all of the older versions available.  Maybe I should hide some of the older versions so the list isn't quite so long...

This version has a few minor optimizations in meshcut and saberfloor (the dynamic texture mapping code).  And this time of course, the big deal is having the LIV plugin working finally.  The folks over at LIV were extremely helpful in getting things up and running.  Unfortunately my PC isn't quite powerful enough for me to run a really cool mixed-reality setup.  I'm still trying to get my kinect v2 to work but I think the extra computation will bring my framerate down.  I'll give it a try...

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Aug 07, 2019

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