Unity patches and updated packages

Updated from Unity version 2019.1.1 to 2019.1.8 which picks up a number of fixes and improvements including:

2019.1.1 - fixed any hit recast instead of first hit

2019.1.2 - XR: Fixed app memory leak when open for extended periods of time.

2019.1.3 - XR: Fixed app callbacks deferral hang if suspending while exiting.

2019.1.4 - XR: Fixed crash when transitioning to VR Mode from non-VR.

2019.1.5 - Animation: Fixed bone animations failing to work on GameObjects when animations are scripted.

    XR: Fixed Camera.Render() incorrectly rendering to a RenderTexture when VR is enabled.

    XR: Fixed latency issues in use of Windows MR API.

    XR: Fixed pointer access in certain situations to protect against null pointer dereference.

2019.1.6 - XR: Fixed source state assert if there are no source states to get in Windows MR Gesture Recognizer

2019.1.7 - Physics: Fixed Rigidbodies not following their parent sometimes

    Physics: Fixed crash that happened when destroying Colliders that had OnCollisionStay scripts attached

2019.1.8 - XR: Fixed issue with respecting the build setting for enabling remoting in a player

Also updated the Burst package and PostProcessing package.

Furthermore, I made small tweaks to some scripts to check for null conditions and calls to scripts that don't exist to make things cleaner and basically eliminate all of the errors and warnings that I was ignoring for the past few versions ;) So, things should be running pretty smoothly I hope... I took a big risk running with the latest version of Unity but I thought i needed to use the Burst compiler to get the cutting mechanic to run as fast as possible. Feeling pretty good about making that choice right now...


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Jul 03, 2019

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