Performance tweaks

Discovered why there's a major framerate hiccup when you first cut or burn something, it's because I had the Burst Compiler jobs set to compile the first time they were used. I fixed all of those.

I also sped up the line burns in the floor which built up quickly if you went crazy on the floor for some reason.  I achieved this by splitting up the line segments into smaller chunks so one large line segment wouldn't hog up resources, and also dialed down probability when the lines are drawn more quickly.

Another small update is that the springy weird thing made out of cubes now has more weight so it feels a little more realistic and doesn't go flying all over the place when you force push it.  It will also disconnect from the base now.

I think this version includes the blade procedural audio tweak which I think makes it feel a little more natural and hopefully more immersive. There's also a minor tweak to the way the saber repels off the ground when tossed.  I think it's better than it was before.

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Aug 03, 2019

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